Shiver by the River – 4th and Final Race

What can I say about this one? The stats speak for themselves.

RunKeeper Stats for Shiver by the River 4th and Final

RunKeeper Stats for Shiver by the River 4th and Final

I killed this one, blowing away my previous personal record by 3 whole minutes. This was a big win for me on a couple of fronts.

First was fuel. I was properly fueled ahead of time and fueled during the race, even though it was a shorter run. I did have a little cramping going on in the middle of the race, but I think that was due to hydration (or lack thereof). I didn’t bring my fuel belt this time, and I think I should have. This was the first race where I felt like I had energy nearly the entire race. I started feeling tired once I could see the finish line, but I think that was psychological.

I also didn’t need to take any time to walk this race. Previously there were a couple of spots where I had to walk a bit due to fatigue or cramping. You can see from the stats above in the chart below that I kept a pretty steady pace the whole race.

So now that all four races in the series are done, its probably a good time to reflect a bit on what it meant for me. In December, I had a hard time finishing just the 5K loop. I was just beginning my 10K training, and really just barely made it over the finish line in just a hair under 30 minutes. My average pace the first race was 9:20 per mile. After four months of pretty hard training, I finished this fourth race in just a hair under 55 minutes with an average pace of 8:58 per mile. That’s improvement in my book. Also since that first race in December, I’ve learned a ton about pre-race fueling, during the race fueling, and proper running form. All in all, completing the Shiver by the River series has made me a better runner. If I can go from barely finishing a 5K to setting a personal record on a 10K in four months, anyone can do it. I’m just a desk-jockey computer geek who happens to also run.

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